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Pool Heat Pumps by Jandy

The leader in Economical Swimming Pool and Spa Heating

Mercury Masters uses Pool Heat Pumps by Jandy. Below are some details of the heat pumps we install.


Jandy has been manufacturing the most efficient, trouble-free swimming pool heat pumps in the industry for over twenty years. Jandy heat pumps simply take the heat from the air and transfer it to the water — making the heating process clean, efficient, ecologically safe and most of all, cost effective.

High quality and oversized components coupled with superior, patented designs has made Jandy the leading producer of swimming pool heat pumps in the world. The introduction of Auto-Heat, a patented device, guarantees a 24 hour steady state pool temperature regardless of the time clock settings.



Comparison of Heating Methods

There are four basic pool/spa heating systems available today: Air Energy Heat Pumps, Solar Energy, Fossil Fuel Heating and Electrical Resistance; however, there are many differences between systems especially in operational costs and performance.

Air Energy Heat Pumps using innovative technology is able to draw large amounts of heat from the ambient air and transfer the gathered heat to the pool/spa water while utilizing a minimal amount of electricity. A large amount of the heat produced by the heat pump is derived from the ambient air free of charge and always available. Air Energy Pool/Spa Heat Pumps have proven to be the cleanest, most efficient and cost-effective year-round pool heating method available today. In fact, compared to fossil fuels alone, Air Energy Heat Pumps operates at 30-75% less cost in most areas of the United States. It is also the ONLY dependable method of cooling (optional) available today.

Solar Energy Systems are the least costly heating system to operate. However, since water can only be heated no more than 10ºF over ambient temperatures, most basic solar systems are not adequately sized to provide year-round comfortable swimming temperatures. The reason being; the panels utilized are far less than the required. The State of Florida Energy Center FSEC-GP-13-81 (rev. 9/84) recommends that in order to provide only 76F swimming pool temperature in a Central Florida pool during the winter, the panels should cover an area equal to 220% of the pool surface area. Therefore, trying to heat your pool to a realistic swimming temperature year round with a solar heating system is usually impractical, expensive and fairly impossible due to space restrictions.

Fossil Fuel Systems utilizes LP (Liquid Propane) gas, Natural gas or Oil. Even though fossil fuel systems offer rapid on-demand heat for your pool water, they also deliver the lowest level of heating efficiency at the greatest cost. Another major shortfall of fossil fuels is that it requires the storage of potentially flammable tanks, especially LP gas, which in turn is not environmentally safe and potentially creates devastating pollutants.

Fossil fuel based heaters are generally 200% to 300% more costly to operate than heat pumps and are not available with a cooling option.

Electric Resistance Heating is the most commonly used method for heating spas, but is probably one of the least effective. In fact, depending on local electric rates, heating a pool with electric alone can be 200-600 percent more costly to operate than other methods. This heating system is not available with a cooling option.

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